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Unlock the Power of the Markets with Epic Trading. Your Trusted Source in Financial Software Engineering.

Recent Projects

We have successfully created hundreds of trading apps for clients across the world over the last three decades. Most projects are proprietary and bound by NDAs. We pride ourselves in confidentiality when required and have the utmost integrity.

Other projects are for public consumption, such as the products below featured in the TradingApp.Store. Please click through these to see the quality of our work.

Epic’s expertise lies in programming trading solutions, such as trading bots, indicators, scanners, studies, utilities, back-testable algorithmic strategies, and fully automated, portfolio-level trading solutions.  We regularly program money management and position sizing algorithms into applications and have a strong understanding of their implications.  We are derivatives experts and develop complex equities and futures options trading automation.

We specialize in programming, user-interface design, and API development providing feature rich software solutions to control trading platforms.  All trading platforms have their own unique sets of strengths and weaknesses.  Epic Trading’s ‘power preference’ is TradeStation + Interactive Brokers API, as these two can provide the proper data and tools to accomplish nearly anything you dream.  We have also completed many solutions that utilize other trading platforms such as NinjaTrader, Multi-Charts, TradingView, Amibroker, TT X-Trader API, Tradier API, crypto exchanges’ APIs, and many others.

We provide consulting and programming services to individuals, hedge funds, financial service, and data analysis companies across the globe.  Van and his team of skilled programmers have successfully completed hundreds of complex projects using a multitude of languages such as C sharp, C++, Python, JavaScript, and platform specific scripting languages. 

With over 30 years of experience as fintech engineers and active traders, we have established ourselves as experts in the field of developing trading applications for both our own trading, and clients alike.  If you are looking for a trading engineer who can build what you can imagine, from design to deployment, look no further than Van and his team of gurus at Epic Trading Apps.

Van Gothreaux


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